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4hr Day Sessions From $60

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Best Value

4 hr Day Rehearsal 10 Pack



10 Sessions available to book online. Day Sessions are available Thurs, Fri, Sun from 10am - 2pm.

Valid for 6 months

4hr Day Rehearsal - Standard Room

Choice of 2 ground Floor air conditioned, 20 m2 studio rooms




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Available online

4hr Day Rehearsal - Standard Room

A$70 / Pricing plan

All ground floor day sessions come with 3mics + PA. Load in is strictly 15 mins either side of your booking. 

Our friendly staff are always on site to help out and all of our sessions come with a line check and basic overall audio balance. 

Our rooms sound great, feel great and look great- perfect for shooting some great content while you are there. 

These two rooms have hosted some of Australia's finest musicians across various genres and our PA's hold up. 

Studio B is 20m2 

Air Conditioned

Acoustic treated 

Yamaha Desk 

Seinheiser / Shure Microphones

HH Vector + Yamaha Speakers 

Lounge / Interview/ Content Zone 

Dimmable LED & Fluro Ceiling Lights 

Floating Drum Floor

Aesthetics: Fresh Clean Lines, Timber Panels/ White Walls/ Black Fabric Wall panels

1 X Coloured LED Light 

This room is also used as a Podcast/ Low Noise/ Production Room. 

Studio C is 21m2 

Air Conditioned

Acoustic treated 

Allen & Heath Desk 

Seinheiser / Shure Microphones

HH Vector + Yamaha Speakers 

Dimmable LED & Fluro Ceiling Lights 

Aesthetics: Original Artworks, Unique Vibe, Larger Space

1 X Coloured LED Light  

Why Redmoon Music?

Easy Access

Ground floor studio suites with parking out front. Trolleys are available and our ground floor suites and facilities are wheelchair friendly. Pull your car out front, load in and go park! Easy as! We also offer onsite storage- speak to us today! 

Mobile App & Online Booking

We've taken the time to build out an easy to use simple online booking system as well as mobile app. You can now manage all of your bookings and subscriptions online which is so much easier as we know arranging rehearsals can be tricky! 

Bundle Deals

Our bundle deals are THE best value around. Designed to help both you and us work together, grab 10 sessions for $600, download the app, and start saving time, energy & money on your rehearsals. 

Best Service Around

Our friendly, skilled staff are always there to greet you and assist with any tech needs. We also offer Ear Plugs, WIFI, Tea & Coffee & Bluetooth playback. 

Quality Gear & Spaces

Our gear, spaces and tech are all serviced regularly by trained staff, cleaned after every session, and maintained to the highest standards. 

It's the Vibe..

We can't deny it, from the moment you walk into Redmoon Music you are transported into a quirky, unique inspiring creative space! We love hearing our artists say "wow" when they walk in. It's always a great time at Redmoon... not just a band practice! 

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Brilliant, professionally run studio. Really nice fit-out. Great accoustics, PA totally cuts it. Easy access and parking is close. Cara and staff are extremely helpful. They went very much out of their way to organise me a full drum kit. Highly recommended and would definitely use again.

Shaughan Pringle - Stage Door Productions Sydney

0458 780 544