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Since changing names from Wicked Seed Promotions Redmoon Music has been operating in the background for a number of years. Redmoon Music is now proud to combine years of experience and real world skills in an all encompassing music business.

Years poured laboriously into research, self development and upskilling came to fruition in 2019 after I committed to sound production and engineering. A natural shift, it was strategically timed to coincide with my own music releases. I have a performance, management and promotional background, which provides deep insight into the engineering and production side. I also have an extensive business background as well as Project Management Qualifications and experience.

Formal business planning and strategy have been paramount in ensuring Redmoon Music a reputable, knowledgeable and stable future in the music industry.

Redmoon Music will always be fluid, because we operate within the ever-growing, ever-changing music industry. Yet our objectives and goals are solid, and pivotal to ongoing success as a reputable, affordable music production service.

Experience in so many facets of the music industry allows Redmoon Music a unique approach to providing a large and accessible pool of relevant networks, information, technology and services to its clients.

Redmoon Music's gradual business launch in 2019 was intentionally understated to ensure a stable rollout and to maintain fluidity within market trends.

Coinciding with the launch of Redmoon Music we are excited to announce our first artist release. "All The Feels" is out Nov 6th. 

Our goal is to operate from dual locations. The sunny Gold Coast and tropical Magnetic Island. Redmoon Music is able to provide most of its services from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. Redmoon Music works on multiple mediums and projects at any one time: compositions, voiceovers, artist development, music business, band management and physical studio recordings. Redmoon Music keeps abreast with new technologies and advancements while providing a quality and timely service, fit for any budget.

In 2020 Redmoon Music will extend services to grant application writing, tour booking, tour management and full panel services.

Redmoon Music is very proud to offer a holistic approach to your music needs, whether you are a creator or a consumer.

For more information on our business strategies and objectives call or contact me via this website.

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