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Jam Ball Donut

A new way to meet and jam with likeminded musicians in a fun, professional, creative studio space 


Presented by Cara Parker,
Founder of Redmoon Music.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, local Studio owner Cara ( Redmoon ) Parker, has put together a series of In studio Jam sessions. This unique and forward way of collaborating and facilitating quality jams, is part of her ongoing commitment to working along side the musical community to create more opportunities, resources, spaces and events to support and platform our scene at a Grass Roots Level. 

Cara sincerely wants to work with musicians of all levels of ability in her lifelong goal to inspire, cultivate and facilitate music, arts and creativity for all within our community. 

Let's make some noise and have some fun! 

Choose from 3 studio groups

How does it work? 

We will source key players, set lists, collaborators and likeminded folks of complimentary styles and abilities to create, organise and facilitate exciting new in studio jam sessions. We look forward to hosting a quality, inspiring, fun, unique and highly valuable experience for musicians of all levels.​ 

Whether you're a bit shy, know you have what it takes, want to start playing with other musos and have a great night.. or maybe you just need a bit more confidence before you take on a live audience... OR maybe  you are a gun but just can't find decent players to excite your creative urges and open mic is not your thing?....this is perfect for all musicians, at all levels. Bring the right attitude and you are sure to have an absolute ball and meet other musos in the same boat as you!

Register your interest today, chat with Cara and let's get you in studio, with great people, playing great music! 


I want to register my interest as a Jam Ball artist..

Select an option
Upload File
Tick which best described you
What days and times best suit you
Preferred Age Group if applicable

Once we have received your information we will take the time to match you up wth complimentary players. We will make every effort to place you in the dates and groups you are after but as the whole purpose is to ensure the cohesiveness & flow of the events, we do handpick the players. If you dont make it on the first round that you choose rest assured we will do our best to  arrange a session for you. We will be in touch asap and thankyou for submitting your interested in our Jam Ball Donut in studio jam sessions! 

Thanks for submitting!


Studio A - Jam Entry $22 4 Hrs
Up to 8 Players
Experience Level: Advanced/ Improvisational
Genre Guide: Soul, Jazz, Funk, Blues, World, Fusion, Open
No Set List supplied
Host: TBA
5pm - 9 pm
Suggested Players wanted : Drums, Percussion, Keys, Brass, Sax, Vocals, Guitar, Bass ++

Studio B - Jam Entry $15 4 hrs :
4-5 Players
Experience Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Genre: Rock, Alt, Punk, Grunge, Heavy,
Set & play list supplied
Host: TBA
5.30pm -9.30pm
Instrumentation Required: Drums, R/L Guitar, Bass, Lead/ Shared Lead/Back up Vocal

Studio C - Jam Entry $18 4 hrs
4-6 Players
Experience Level: Intermediate
Genre: Rock, Pop, Blues, Top 40s
Host: TBA
5.15pm - 9.15pm
Instrumentation required: R/L/ Guitar, Bass, Keys/ Synth, Acoustic, Drums, Back up/ Vox

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