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Merch & Meet Events

We are putting together a unque fun new event, in studio, platforming artists and fans to promote, engage and enjoy special moments, while provid

Merch & Meet Day... got old/ new merch you want to sell, Cd's/ Records, new music out, want to catch up with your fans and say hi, do some signing, get some great promotional materials, network with other bands, have a little on camera interview, pro photo shoot, chat with local industry and reps, enjoy/ jam on some live music afterwards?

I'm looking for 6 Original Bands who want to do a "Merch & Meet" event at Redmoon Music . It will be a multiband event, across all spaces over an evening/ afternoon. Take a room and set up a space to engage with your fans, sell & sign merch, get some great content, network and enjoy some live music afterwards.

If you've got old and new merch to sell, have something to tell your fans about, looking for creative ways to engage, promote and have fun with your band fam and other local bands, This will be a great event and perfect while its winter and gigs are a tad scarce.. band/ artist spots will be limited, paid marketing/ promotion & tiered ticketing included in packages.

Public Outdoor PR, TIcketing & Merch Stall

This all day FREE PUBLIC ENTRY open stall will be run to help support sales and provide more affordable options of the wider community to come along, enjoy a chat, suppose lauses musicians and causes and buy some Merch. Our staff will operate this & the door on the day. We are looking at food & drink PR, Seating, outdoor photos,  outdoor live music options for the morning but these are all concepts and may rollout over the first few of these unique events. 

We will also be showcasing some local charities and music intiatives to help raise awareness, funds and support. 


In Studio Meet & Merch Sessions

Take over ourown studio room and host 3 groups of ticket holds. 

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