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Debut Single "Nemo Lion" out DEC 20

​​Belgium has given the world many fine things – chocolate, waffles, The Smurfs, tremendous beer and the saxophone, to name just a few.

They also inflicted Brussels sprouts and Jean-Claude Van Damme on us, but they just might make amends for that with their latest export, sultry songstress Sylvie White.

White had been writing songs for a few years in her native Belgium but it wasn't until she hit the well-worn backpacker trail downunder and fetched up on Magnetic Island that she decided to share them with anybody.

Her catchy & inspiring songs are a reflection of White herself – unflinchingly honest, inventive, unique and bubbling with irrepressible energy, which saw her quickly snapped up by new independent label Redmoon Music Australia, who will release her debut single “Nemo Lion” on December 20.

White admits to being a bit overwhelmed by how quickly things are taking off for her but has her feet firmly planted on the ground and fairly modest aspirations for her music.

“I hope that, someday, my music might become someone’s reminder of a beautiful moment in their lives,” she said. "Living on a tropical island has strengthened my passion to sing and the desire to share my music with you"

White cites compatriots Milow and Anouk and folk/reggae singer Ayo among her major influences though Aussie fans might sense a kinship with the likes of Missy Higgins, Sarah Blasko and Leonardo's Bride.

A story of love and adventure Nemo Lion is out DEC 20.

Sylvie performs regularly in Tropical North Queensland and next year sees her head back to the studios, ahead of her first EP, due Mid 2020.


SINGER-songwriter Sylvie White's first single Nemo Lion is one of the most assured and impressive debuts to bob up in a long time.
Trying to slot the song into a genre is tricky – you could say it's a little bit folky, with a distinct reggae flavour, garnished with a wee smidge of rock and all that kind of stuff. And it's true, but what it really is, when all is said and done, is three glorious, galvanising minutes of joyous, boisterous, unaffected fun, love and pure pop ear candy that will have you humming the hook for days after just one listen.
More infectious than the plague and sweeter than a bowl of sugar-coated sugar glazed in sugar, Nemo Lion is a triumph – well written, beautifully arranged and performed and slickly produced.

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