6 Ways to Engage your Audience

As an artist and freelancer , this year has proven to be very difficult.

With such a dynamic and changing environment, it’s been so difficult to plan or even consider HOW to move forward.

That lack of engagement with our peers, friends, family and audiences has left a massive hole in so many people lives.

Its more important than ever that we try to find ways to repair and rebuild that hole and help each other with sharing the gift of artistic work. We may not be able to perform in a live setting BUT its time to adapt and start taking advantage of adapting to new monetisation methods and carving your OWN path.

The tools available to the DIY artist right now are so beneficial to creating a more intimate and direct artist to fan relationship via the virtual global stage.

Fans ARE interacting virtually, and Audiences ARE tuning in.

By adapting, updating and expanding your ONLINE presence and interacting more intimately with your clients, your career can be more stable, predictive, rewarding and financially viable in times of unpredictability.

With the night navigation tools & skills, the confidence to try something new and the support of a network of dedicated and hardworking creatives I know you can take back your career and drive it with the confidence your Marketing, Socials, Releases and strategies ARE what YOU

  • Sort your Social Media! Get your Artist Page updated and fresh, make sure all your branding is cohesive. Update photos, Link Social Accounts, update content and SHARE & INVITE!

  • Revisit back catalogue and remix or do new "acoustic vid" versions. Re Launch old albums/ songs- Update streaming platforms with back catalogues "Re-Releases"

  • Start a Live chat interaction on your Music page - Book in advance and create an event. Offer shout outs, direct interactions- ex merch discounts, guests.

  • Auction/ Sell/ Re-Market old Merch or Fan collectables/ artworks/signed memorabilia/ photos/ CDs’

  • Candid and Behind the Scenes studio/ rehearsal Vids and chats- talk about gear, recording process, artists

If you would like to know more, or need some one on one help please do reach out !

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on how you can adapt and help your freelance career flourish in 2021.

X Cara

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