Proactive Vs Reactive - Preparing for the future

Hi Everyone,  Just finished an Essay for Uni and was pondering new technology. I signed up for Twitch tonight and had a moment of "wow" look at me go! Never In my wildest dreams did I think id be setting up to Broadcast my own live music streams. But here we are- another vicarious occasion thanks to 2020.  At the moment it seems like Im learning a new system, skill, platform or piece of software every week and Im not unhappy about it at all.  I use more codes and data now than I did when I built business management software.  Its so much more interactive now with Web 3.0 on its way but in that it means more more passwords, more required and learned knowledge and skills,  and adaptation on a ridiculous fast scale. For me anyway. This year alone has seen me go thru more tech and software advancements and growth than my whole career put together and I have used and built some pretty complex  mathematics based construction and estimation systems. Its really interesting time thats for sure. I know I have incorporated at least one new Web 3.0 system, strategy or skill, every week since March.  This is not something to "overcome" this is the modern business model and being able to be fluid within rapidly changing cultural geographical, economical and medical landscapes mean we can be Proactive rather than Reactive.  And I truly feel that is the key atm; Be PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE.  If we know change is always on the horizon, why not build our business models to be readily adaptable also? Now and in the future?  Realigning our business right now to be positioned to not only cope, But flourish during change processes, will ensure a smoother navigation towards the future as we know it.  Being someone who grew up with a Commodore 64 at school, the once a week enigmatic computer time playing " where is Carmen San Diego". I've been exposed to computer technology since the mid 80s and have seen so many changes, Its amazes me what can be achieved from an online and real world perspective now. if you are in business , a freelancer or are an artist looking to adapt to new tech, here is a little article with an interesting perspective on WEB 3.0. If you would like to know more abut this topic or would like to me to review a specific article or subject please reach out!! I would love to hear your feedback and if this helped you at all.  Have a great Night  X Redmoon

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