#ShesAlive #ArtVsViolence

So happy to be announcing the project!

I have recently written and engineered a song called "She's Alive". Id really like this song to have a purpose and highlight the all empowering survival stories of Domestic Violence.

The amount of women's' deaths at the hand of their partners is so shocking and regular, and we all need to help fix this problem.

Its so deep seeded in our culture I felt a positive way to help was to highlight the survivors and their success stories and maybe, some way , this might help those currently trapped feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I also hoped this might remove some stigma about who domestic violence victims really are and why this can make its so hard to reach out when you are trapped.

I'm hoping that some of you might like to be part of this message and show your support by being involved in the filmclip.

If love for you to send a pic or 30 sec vid of you holding a sign with #ArtVsViolence #ShesAlive

Please do get your friends and family involved, I would love for you to show what success and overcoming abuse looks like to you, And for those people who would love your show support please do so and submit your own pic and vids ins support of these strong and wonderful women. Im hoping that we have a whole group of people from all walks of life involved, as this is really a community issue we all play a part in.

I'm also reaching out to Gold Coast female singers and artists to be a part of the studio project. Please reach out if you are interested.

Check out more on the webpage!


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