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Studio Membership Now Available !

We are so excited to bring you our new exclusive Studio Membership. $50 gets you $10 off UNLIMITED rehearsal sessions for 6 Months! ANY SESSION!

Jump on and secure your STUDIO MEMBERSHIP today.

  • $10 Off Every Rehearsal Session

  • Members App & Log in

  • Price Lock in for 6 Months

  • 48 Hr Cancellation/ Reschedule

Simply Purchase your membership and we will process it within 24 hours, sending you your Unique Discount Coupon and Link to our exclusive members app.

We also have our Mega Rehearsal Bundle deal now available- GET $40 Rehearsals.

Buy 10 Rehearsals today and $200 OFF!!!!! thats only $400 for 10 sessions.

Check out our pricing plans here and grab a bargain today.

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