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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

As I looked at my Study Guide for this second half of the year imagine all the wondrous music I will have produced by the end of all this hard work. Feels like a fairy tale a thousand years away. I wondered what assignments there will be? Would I cope? Will I succeed? Could I excel? What if I don't Pass!? And then I remember why I'm doing this, For the Music! The glorious gift of ever evolving and tantalizing Music, and its all encompassing weird, whimsical & sometimes wicked tangents.

"The Rest is Noise".. one of the most poignant yet confusingly simple statements Ive heard as a musician.

Its almost like a Zen Koan.

Music Critic & Writer Alex Ross.

"A work of immense scope and ambition.... a great achievement." — Geoff Dyer, New York Times Book Review

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

Books, articles, and a blog by the music critic of The New Yorker

Starting my own music business is not overly new to me, however; in this capacity? Yes, its going to be completely different and next level for me. Quite an undertaking. From refining my music writing, reading and composition skills, to learning what seems a lifetimes worth of information about compressors, mics, processing, reverbs, power sources, industry, lighting , Foley & post production.

Its been a sometimes overwhelming, empowering and emotional journey so far and we are just about to reach the pointy bit.

The delivery of this course has been interesting, and variable. I started this line of study a few years ago actually and truly feel it is more in touch more now with what is required in the industry , especially in relation to modern approaches to business and the producer sessions. Being 1 of only 2 females in the class, and also being the only person over 23, Its been a very dynamic process so far, once that has enriched my character and taught me a lot. There has been tears, fears and challenging peers!

As I reached this huge stage of my year long journey into the rabbit hole of Sound Production, I begin to prepare my portfolio and am really starting to hone my skills. Documenting this part of my journey is important for me for personal growth, is part of my story and also actually forms part of the Portfolio itself. A fully functioning Portfolio & Business Model available via a Web based platform. This is to include released and contractually finalized, copyrighted music for various purposes including Single Releases, Recording & Mix Engineer Projects, Sync Licensing, Producer Collaborations, Radio Content, Marketing & Branding, SFX & Foley, Arrangement & Composition pieces and Remix & Demo Projects.

In this Blog over the coming weeks and months I will be documenting & highlighting certain aspects of the business itself and also the projects I am currently working on. Some of the uploads are links are to raw and rough files and this is on purpose to show the improvement in skills and techniques and to also highlight a songs growth through certain stages of Pre & Post production. A daunting realization knowing ones incomplete and rudimentary works will be publicly published, but also a freeing feeling knowing its all to get the best sounds in the end.

There will be Tech information for the nerds, song demos and updates for the fans , and a sonic, visual & documented sneak peak into the journey through my training. I'm grateful to be able to share this with those of you out there interested in either Sound Production itself or my personal journey.

With the gradual launch of my Independent Music Label ~ Redmoon Music this year, we are so very excited to announce the upcoming signing of Belgium born Sylvie Dewitt (Magnetic Island) with her Debut Single "Nemo Lion", and also local outfit Vincent without a H (Gold Coast) will be recording a one off track "Loving You" as part of a TAFE collaboration initiative. Both due for potential release Mid December.

As 2019 Comes to a head I look towards polishing off & launching my Portfolio, enjoying my Graduation, toying with next years projects and kicking 2020 off with some exciting new projects, artists and music releases.

Id like to thank everyone for your continued support and very much look forward to sharing some of my creations & collaborations with you!

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