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Professional EPK


7 Days


Who Needs an EPK?

Whether you are a covers band, a recording artist , a local orginals band or a creative freelancer YOU need a pro Bio and EPK. The Music industry is highly competitive and you need to cut through the noise!

Get Gigs!

Pitching to venues, festivals, other bands for line up slots

Get Press & Media Coverage

Blogs, Editorials, Radio, websites, Booking agents & Promoters

Get your Music exposed

Pitching to Radio & Spotify

Previous Client Testimonial

Redmoon Music’s ability to understand, support and inspire any artist’s marketing campaign is exceptional. Working closely with Cara has been an absolute pleasure and relief with the assistance that has gone beyond expectations. With her attention to detail and her finger on the pulse of the current music scene, she is an absolute asset to an artist who needs highly professional outcomes and guidance. Since working with her we have a great EPK that covers everything and beautifully designed, a solid plan and vision unfolding with our marketing and overall branding in entirety. Her impressive work ethic and technical abilities make her a absolute must in the future of our band and any other lucky artist that gets the opportunity to work with her. I highly recommend her with full appreciation and awe of her capabilities within professional marketing at its best. Thank you Cara for everything you’ve done. Love The Vinyl Ground

How does it work

  • Make your payment to secure your EPK - a client onboarding form will be sent to you via email immediately.

  • Complete the client onboarding form ensuring all your details are correct

  • I create your design using the information you supply. Note I do not write copy or Bios, all of the details used for your EPK are supplied by you in your form. If you need custom Copy or Bios written I can provide this service as an extra fee.

  • I send you a concept ready for your approval.

  • 2 edits are allowed. Note if there are errors in the information supplied by you and this needs correction on my end that is classed as an edit.

  • Once concept is approved your EPK is completed and deliverables are sent to you via email with 7 days.

What do I receive

You will get a 2-3 Page Professional High resolution Interactive PDF with clickable links to your assets. For example Hi res images, downloadable Audio files/ Videos, Digital Assets, Stage Plans, Tech Riders & More. I will also populate a google drive link which is connected to the PDF for hosting of your assets.


New Photography, Bio writing and in person consult is not included.

All work is done online.

You must have access to a computer or suitable device to complete a word document.

You must provide 2 X Google drive links - or similar for storage of EPK deliverables.

All information used for your EPK is supplied by you in your onboarding form.

All care is taken for errors but the infomation used to complete and design your EPK should be checked by you in your onboarding form before submitting. Any error corrections on informatin supplied in your form will be classed as an edit.

Please feel free to email me at for more examples of work or for any further information.

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