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The Springboard Program is now open..

Springboard your Music Career in 2024! 

The ultimate launchpad for musicians seeking to master the everchanging music industry. For a limited time, secure your spot at an unbeatable introductory price of just $49 (Total Value $169)!

Bios press kits marketinggigs stage plans social medianew music promotionstrategy

This unique one of a kind innovative program IS....


  • boring vague video tutorials that confuse you more and waste your time

  • just another expensive "course" that will be out of date next week  

  • just more work and tech for you to learn- IT'S THE OPPOSITE!!

  • a catch to keep you paying each month- leave anytime!


  • a unique comprehensive program for DIY/ self managed musicians, bands, artists and freelancers looking to step up their careers with the support of an experienced industry specialist with over 30 years experience either on stage, back stage, in studio or in business and project/ event management. 

  • truly up to date information, tips, tools and tutorials provided and tested by someone IN the industry, with real world experience. 

  • designed specifically by musicians and artists, for musicians to minimize work load while giving them more control over their global stage.

  • A game changer for all musicians, in any genre and career stages.

  • positioned to be heavily peer reviewed and tested   

  • adaptable, accessible & achievable.

"It's like Your very own virtual PR agent, Manager, Mentor, Producer,
Collaborator, Business admin  AND cheersq
uad ALL in ONE!!!" 


30+ Topics
Industry/ Peer Review & Guest Speakers

20 Interactive/ downloadable tools
Quality hands on Video Tutorials updated regularly
Live " Ask Cara" & "HOT SEAT" sessions
Updated Weekly/ Daily
24/7 Community Support & Classroom access
^Free Strategy Planning for Early Bird artists  
Early Bird Rollout starts Jan 17

*Videos are staggered release over first 2-6 weeks 

Career Planning 
Tech for Music Marketing
Marketing for Covers/ Originals bands
New Music Release
PR Strategy
Gig Accelerator 
Social Media for musicians 
Press Kits and Bios
Stage Plans & Riders 
Pitching to Radio & Playlists
Using Paid ads to book out your band
Press Contacts
Fan & Audience Building 
Website & Email set up
Facebook & Insta training & set up

+ so much more! 


Unleash your inner potential as a musician through our transformative program!

Embark on a journey that will propel your music career to new heights.

Picture a life without the stress of social media content creation, where you rediscover the joy of music-making while effortlessly securing more gigs.

Our meticulously curated and continuously updated program will empower you with the tools to master social media,
craft a powerful brand, navigate the ever-changing music industry, and monetize your talent like never before.

Guided by industry trailblazer Cara (Redmoon) Parker, who has empowered countless musicians, you'll experience a profound shift in your music career. Each video is a stepping stone toward your musical aspirations, equipping you with the skills and strategies needed to thrive in the competitive music landscape of 2024. Join us today and rewrite your music story into a remarkable success tale!


sign up today for the early bird price and bundle

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

"10/10 would highly recommend working with Cara at Redmoon Music. My sessions with Cara involved cutting loops and remixing some tracks. The work was concise and I was able to review everything through the process. Cara gave me some good advice regarding some release platforms which was helpful and gave me a new angle with my project. I Would highly recommend Redmoon Music. Awesome work"

Scott Davey
(Balloons Kill Babies, Dead Letter Circus) 

Not  quite for you? 
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At the heart of the Springboard Program lies a core ethos of adaptability, a quality that runs deep within its very fabric. We are tirelessly dedicated to fostering discussions, conducting research, and crafting innovative tools and resources that empower musicians, artists, and the industry as a whole. Together, as a vibrant community, we aspire to pave the way towards fairer and more economically stable outcomes for our artists, all while staying at the forefront of evolving technologies and industry landscapes.

Our ultimate mission is to equip artists with greater control over their careers, liberating them from the burden of time-consuming tasks, so they can devote themselves entirely to their art. If you share our vision and would like to contribute as a guest speaker, provide industry expertise, or offer insights, or if you're interested in providing patronage, media coverage, or support for this program, we invite you to connect with us at Additionally, if you'd like to have Cara as a speaker on your podcast or at your event, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can propel the music industry into a brighter, more artist-centric future.

Redmoon Music Australia

Cara Parker

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