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Byron Bay Buskers Finalist

Cara’s enthusiasm for the music scene is inspiring. I remember how passionate she was in getting opportunities for all the local artists, a lot of which are doing very well now. She created a safe platform for artists to grow and share their creativity. It was a pleasure working with her in the early days of my career. I still feel her support to this day.



Balloons Kill Babies/ Dead Letter Circus

10/10 would highly recommend working with Cara at Redmoon Music. My session with Cara involved cutting loops and remixing some tracks. The work was concise and I was able to review everything through the process. Cara also gave me some good advice regarding some release platforms which was helpful and gave me a new angle with my project. I Would highly recommend Redmoon music. Awesome work.




I have worked with Cara on several occasions mostly for drum recordings. Super professional, passionate and talented engineer and producer. Highly recommended.



TallTones Studios/ Session Musician

My name is Ryan and I'm a sound engineer. I worked with Cara on many occasions where we ran a weekly Open Mic night and and put on local bands nights at various venues on the Gold Coast. I that time I saw Cara play a mentor role for many young artists and help them develop their skills and build their confidence to perform live. She also helped me with the setup and production for most of the shows.



Being Jane Lane

I have known Cara Parker for over 7 years now, during that time, Cara has helped and encouraged my musical endeavors as well as providing guidance and inspiration. Cara has also orchestrated many open mic nights, and gigs for up and coming musicians, as well as a small music festival, all of which I have been involved in and have been a solid stepping stone towards my current musical endeavors. Cara has provided myself and many others with priceless insight, patience and encouragement. I personally would recommend Cara to anyone seeking a dedicated music enthusiast, who is passionate about seeing fledgling artists reach their full potential.



Engineer & Recording Artist (MEL)

Over the past few years I have performed at multiple events hosted by Cara and they have consistently been professional, successful events. From open mic nights where she encouraged
up and coming performers to much bigger outdoor festivals, all events had a combination of great atmosphere and professional organisation. I have also had the privilege to hear Cara perform and while she is an extremely talented performer in her own right, she always goes out of her way to make everybody else feel like a star rather than big note herself. I suspect this is why she is good at dealing with other artists, a combination of knowledge and humility. Cara is a very familiar and welcome face around the local music scene, a true supporter of us all for many years now. With her experience in the industry and her skills organising artists I'm sure she would be an asset to any project she is involved in.


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