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Music Marketing Services

Redmoon Music is excited to launch a series of services to help you, the artist. 

From Press Kits, to Professional Websites, Content Creation, Tutorials, Step By Step Coaching, Social Media Branding, Music Release Strategy & Distribution, we are truly dedicated to helping musicians cut through the noise and get seen and heard. IN a DIY world, the need for a large label has dimis=nished but in turn the amount of work a DIY artsit needs to do and be good as is overwhelming. We are launching a series of roducts and services specifically designed to help you Take controlf of your Music Marketing and Release. cck 

Over the coming month I will be rolling out more and more PR services but we are kicking off with a great introductory offer for $99 EPK's! Get yours now!

These services and tools are specifically designed for the DIY musician and include comprehensive training, designed to free your time, empower you, create better marketing outcomes and be sustainable moving forward in your career. 


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